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King of Cotton values their customers and respects their need to feel secure while shopping on our site. We offer our customers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all the products we sell. We also offer our guarantee online to protect your privacy and keep your confidential information...confidential!

We have gone to great lengths to provide a user-friendly and safe online shopping environment that features unique products at exceptional value. Please review the information below to better understand the safeguards and policies at King of Cotton. You can access this Privacy Policy at any time.

If you still have privacy concerns that you feel are not addressed in this information, please contact a King of Cotton customer service representative at  sales@kingofcotton.co.uk="mailto:sales@kingofcotton.co.uk">


When you purchase from King of Cotton or register to be a preferred customer, we only collect the information that you provide us: name, address, email, and any other data we need to complete your order or request and ensure that any marketing communications are tailored to your particular interests and lifestyle. Registration is optional, so you choose whether or not we store your information to make future shopping experiences more convenient.

When you order from our online store, your name becomes part of our customer database. From time-to-time we may use our mailing lists to send you special offers or promotions from our range and relevant partner websites. If you would not like to receive such emails, please go to Edit Account and UNCHECK the box that gives us permission to send you promotional emails.

Wenn Sie uns anklicken...

Every time you visit us, our web server automatically recognises only your domain name and only collects basic information to help us best serve your current and future shopping needs. This data includes for example the type and number of pages you visit or types of products viewed or purchased. You must login as a "Registered User" to take advantage of the convenient features offered to registered users.

Wenn Sie sich registrieren oder einloggen...

Although optional, registration for King of Cotton preferred customer status allows us to personalise your shopping experience. It also offers a number of convenience features such as stored previous purchases and delivery information. Information requested includes name, company name (optional) your address, telephone number and email address. Your name becomes part of our customer database.

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Your name is automatically added to our marketing email distribution list to receive information on new products, special offers and online promotions. You can unsubscribe from these promotional emails at any time by following the unsubscribe directions that appear at the bottom of each email. Please note that you may still hear from us regarding your order status and any other service issues and order status updates that will allow us to provide you with the optimal shopping experience.

Your name will also become part of the King of Cotton direct mail/catalogue list to receive future catalogue mailings. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please send an email to  sales@kingofcotton.co.uk="mailto:sales@kingofcotton.co.uk">

Wenn die Bestellung an eine Adresse geliefert werden soll, die sich von der Rechnungsadresse unterscheidet...

We only collect the name(s) and postal delivery information necessary to fulfil your requests to ship to alternate addresses. We never share this information unless a service issue relating to the order makes it necessary. If you are a "Registered User" you have the option to either maintain or delete additional delivery address contacts from your "Address Book" at any time.

Wenn Sie uns bitten, Sie zu benachrichtigen, wenn ein Artikel auf Lager ist....

We also collect your email address so that we can email you when a back-ordered item on your "Enquiry" becomes available.

Wenn Sie mit uns per Email in Kontakt treten...

When you send an email to any King of Cotton department using our "Contact Us" feature your information is only kept until that area has satisfactorily replied to your enquiry. Your name and email address from that correspondence are not retained for any future marketing initiatives or contact.


"Cookies" are small pieces of data that your browser holds in memory or stores in a special file on your hard drive. These small pieces of data are used to help our server remember you while you browse our site from one link to the next and allows us to improve the quality of your experience when you visit our site. Cookies also allow you to place items in your shopping basket, continue browsing, and come back to check out at a later time.


As in any business venture, the sale of the company is always an open question. Should King of Cotton ever be acquired or merged into another organisation, all customer information we have collected will be transferred to the new company.


King of Cotton is dedicated to preventing unauthorised access to your private information and ensuring a safe and secure online shopping experience. To that end we have a strict internal operating procedure guiding this ongoing commitment.


Your use of our website constitutes your agreement to the policies and procedures set forth in this Privacy Policy. In the event King of Cotton amends its Privacy Policy in the future, these changes will be clearly posted on our site so you can be kept informed of how, where, when and why we collect information and how we use it. If you have any additional questions, please contact a King of Cotton customer service representative at sales@kingofcotton.co.uk="mailto:sales@kingofcotton.co.uk">


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