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So how can you make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room? Here are just a few ideas.

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Weiterlesen... Brighten Up Your Kids' Bedroom

Are you fed up of your child’s bedroom looking dated and dull? Here are some ideas to brighten up their room without having to splash out on expensive decor and furnishings that they’ll soon grow out of.

Weiterlesen... Choosing the Right Hotel Linen

As a hotel, choosing the best linen can mean the difference between a luxury or restless nights sleep for your guests. How do you decide which to choose?

Weiterlesen... Cotton Anniversary - Gift Ideas

Is your second wedding anniversary approaching? Here are our favourite cotton gifts for your loved one to celebrate your cotton anniversary.

Weiterlesen... Pillows - A Buyer's Guide To Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Finding the right pillow is essential if you want to sleep well every night. However, choosing a pillow is not always easy...

Weiterlesen... Egyptian Cotton vs Regular Cotton

Is it worth upgrading your bed linen to Egyptian cotton? Find out what makes it different from the rest and why you should consider trying it out

Weiterlesen... Bring The Spa To Your Home

Unwind in style with a five-star spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Read through our list of spa essentials...

Weiterlesen... King of Cotton – when only the best Egyptian cotton will do

King of Cotton started life as suppliers to high quality hotels and quickly got a reputation for supplying good quality pure Egyptian cotton to meet the discerning needs of the hospitality trade

Weiterlesen... Great Wedding Gift Ideas

Looking for a great wedding gift? Visit here for King of Cotton's advice and top tips

Weiterlesen... Hotel Linen Change – Should you follow it in your home?

Should you be following the linen change policies of top hotels in your home? Read this guide to find out King of Cotton’s tips and advice

Weiterlesen... King of Cotton now working with the Newlife Foundation

King of Cotton is now working with the Newlife Foundation, the leading charity for disabled children in the UK. Read details about the help we are offering this charity here

Weiterlesen... Which towel for me?

We give our top tips on how to choose the right towels for you and your family based on use, expense and quality

Weiterlesen... What makes Zero Twist Towels Special?

Find out about King of Cotton’s Zero Twist Towels and how they are superior to other Zero Twist towels.

Weiterlesen... Famous Beds in Fiction

Are you inspired by your bed? Read about four famous fictional beds

Weiterlesen... What's all the fuss about cotton bedding?

King of Cotton explains why cotton bedding is the healthy choice while defining the different types of cotton and giving more information about thread counts.

Weiterlesen... Tips on Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Are you having problems sleeping? Read this blog to discover great tips for having a restful night

Weiterlesen... Looking after yourself and the environment

Information on how King of Cotton’s products can help reduce the impact of allergies as well as details of the environmentally friendly products that King of Cotton stock

Weiterlesen... Ideas for Unique Embroidery on King of Cotton’s Products

Tips on making the best out of the King of Cotton Embroidery service for personalisation, gifts and keeping track of your linen

Weiterlesen... Welcome to the new King of Cotton website and Blog

New King of Cotton website makes it easier to shop for high-quality cotton linen products


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